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Destination wedding films

Destination wedding films

Wedding trailer Elena and Fabio

It happens to us often that we experience something unexpected with people and places… and that is the case of Elena and Fabio wedding at Villa Aurelia – Roma. Just… wow. When we go to a wedding, we never know in advance what the unexpected will be. What will happen? Everytime it’s a surprise. In September 2023, we headed to the Roma. We were there for 3 days, shot hours of footage with Sony Cine line included. This is hard to describe, you have to experience it.

Villa Aurelia is etched in our memories and we already know we are going there again. There are few places that perfectly combine a garden (in this case, 3 in total, depending on which side you go), a great team, and amazing indoor spaces. Whether it’s the common rooms (library, entrance, lounges), the upper floor (rooms for accommodation and preparation) or the basement (a perfectly soundproofed party club), you’ll be left with your chin down absolutely everything you enter.

The atmosphere. We think the spirit of a place can just transfer to the people. Once you bring something to yourself or your guests that gets them excited at first sight, they can get excited about your event too. I guess it’s hard to explain, but even we suddenly felt somehow different when we toured this house before the wedding. So many great things happened at this wedding. So drop us a line when you plan such a wedding around the world (and maybe in Roma ).

Where on this beautiful planet will you share your first dance, surrounded by the people who mean the most to you? At the heart of your extraordinary love tale, we stand ready to craft a masterpiece that resonates with the essence of your journey.If you like what you see, let us know and who knows maybe we will write your story too?

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