Сватбен трейлър “Диана и Хосе Рамон“

One of the most beautiful wedding, which we shot in 2017, of the splendid Bulgarian-Spanish couple, Diana and Jose Ramon.
In this 3min trailer you will see a small part of the beautiful wedding.
We will be happy to carry you there, in the exactly same moment, so you could feel the amazing atmosphere.
Here you could see a small part of the backstage, which we shoot for the wedding photographer, our beloved and talented colleague Dimitri Stefanov, who presented the event in a unique way, with a lot of love and incredible emotion. ( instagram.com/dimitristefanov/ )
Link to video backstage: vimeo.com/234348278
Link to photos:dimitristefanov.bg/en/portfolio-item/diana-jose/
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Location: Sofia Golf Club























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