Сватбен трейлър „Силвия и Майкъл“

From the first time we met Silviya & Michael, we knew that this film was always going to be something spectacular. Everything about the two of them and the wedding day itself was so organic, so purely genuine and we think it really comes through in this short film. We are honored to have had the opportunity to document and participate in this event.

Cinematographer & aerial video – Dimitar Lazarov
Cinematographer & stabilizer systems – Plamen Bijev
Cinema crane – Cjmotion
Editting – Hristo Lazarov
Photography: Dean Stoev
Wedding agency – Pertio -Varna
Location:BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas Resort


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  1. Кога да изберем видеографски екип? Когато му дайде времето?
  2. Трите важни елемента за сватбения филм
  3. Сватбен филм в кино стил или Защо ЕКИПЪТ е необходимост?
  4. ДРОН или какво трябва да знаем?
  5. Колко струва един сватбен филм?



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